We have always had a love for both chocolate and coffee, but chewing on a coffee bean never really was our cup of Joe.

So we solved all of lifes probplems simply by creating a no-bean espresso bean! We mixed our favorite coffees and chocolates to give us that caffine kick we were looking for with the taste and texture we required!

At Decor Chocolates, we help coach you along the way and handle the heavy lifting so that you can focus on marketing and selling your product.

It Started In The Garage

Like all good business startups, we started experimenting in the garage! Both my wife and I were working full time jobs and I would spend my evenings playing with chocolate. I had built a small room in the garage and installed a hand sink and a few pieces of equipment. It wasnt long before we started getting people who wanted to sell our creations.

We Moved To An Old Chicken Ranch

We had to get out of the garage so we rented a 1400 sq foot warehouse at an old chicken ranch. It took us almost two months of fixing the place up to get it ready to produce food. We were in the egg cold storage room

Our New State Of The Art Facility

  • In house packaging facility
  • Temperature controlled environment for Product storage and logistics